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In The Ghetto

by | 8th, September 2003

‘GHETTOES were never the nicest places, but they did at least keep people of a certain type in one place.

The house that Budgie built

Modern ghettoes, like Surrey, function in much the same fashion.

The gates to the estates might be bigger, the grounds a little larger and the inmates’ tans a shade more permanent, but the effect is to keep the undesirables in, away from decent folk.

And the ghetto where Chris Evans, Grant Bovey and Anthea Turner already live is set to welcome a new resident. Point to the skies and say, “Is it a bird? Is it a budgie? Is it a helicopter?” to Sarah ‘Fergie’ Ferguson, Duchess of Pork.

Sorry, force of habit. These days the good Duchess is a shade thinner than she was and, in keeping with her slimmed-down frame, she’s got herself a slimmed-down house.

The Sun looks at “Fergie Towers”, otherwise known as Wareham House in Brook, Surrey, and says how it set her back at least £1m.

This is a real climb-down for the Princess, who intends to move into something of a shed when compared to the enormous 12-bedroom Sunninghill Park she shared with Prince Andrew.

But ever the optimist, the Mail lists the good things about the new pad – the garden with a stream running through it, and the outdoor swimming pool.

Even if she gets over those water hazards, the house is surrounded by fields and woodlands, making any effort to return to decent society in London that bit harder.’

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