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Test Case

by | 8th, September 2003

‘WHILE we’re on the theme of gameshows, here’s a question for you.

Nine out of ten men would rather kill themselves than date Anne

If your wife does better than you on a TV show, say, the BBC’s Test The Nation, do you a) shake her by the hand and say “Well done, luv”?; b) shake her by the throat; or c) kill yourself?

It’s a tough one. But to help you by way of a clue, the Mirror introduces the world to Brannon Brockbank, well, his ghost, since Mr Brockbank is now dead.

His wife Shirley takes up the story, as told at an inquest into his death.

“He was cross because he got a lower score than me, and threw his note pad and pen across the room,” said Shirley. “He said he was thick, but I told him that people were clever in different ways, because he was very good at art.”

And it turned out that Shirley was right – and her husband proved very adept in mixing a blend of painkillers and vodka and killing himself.

Which would have given him a good score, had suicide been part of the overall quiz…’

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