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Deja Vu

by | 10th, September 2003

‘THERE’S not much in it between watching EastEnders or David Blaine in his box for sheer boredom and repetition at the moment. The big story is that Lisa is back in Walford, turning up at Kate and Phil’s wedding to fight for custody of her daughter.

Walford’s answer to Annie Oakley

The tabloids this week are full of pictures of Phil’s body lying on a pavement, riddled with bullet holes. So he’s getting shot again? How original! Phil is set to leave The Square for a year soon so it’s a fairly safe bet that he’s not going to put Lisa and us out of our misery.

Kate and Phil’s wedding went off smoothly after her father Geoff made his peace with Phil. Geoff wasn’t best pleased at the idea of his daughter marrying into the Mitchells. “This is a hell hole. The people are miserable animals,” he told her, which seemed to come as news to Kate.

The reception was held in The Vic (where else?) and Lisa made her grand entrance just as Kate was throwing her bouquet. Lisa is being very cagey about where she’s been for the last six months and how she’s been earning her money. I’m not surprised – she seems to have come back as a transvestite.

Elsewhere in Walford/Groundhog Day, Nana Moon has gone loony (in a five-year-old storyline when Frank Butcher’s mum did exactly the same). Spencer and Alfie have decided they can’t go on any longer with Nana thinking that the Vic is her front room and ordering people out and they’ve agreed to get a doctor to see her.

Martin is stealing from the stall (again) to fund his drink and drugs lifestyle while Pauline witters on about “wot a good boy ‘er Martin is”.

Andy is another person who needs to see a psychiatrist; he’s become obsessed with Kat and is showering her and the entire Slater family with money and gifts. Kat has been pictured in the papers in a wedding dress and rumour has it she’s set to walk up the aisle with Andy later this year.

Sonia had her own Groundhog Day when she witnessed a young man getting knocked over by a car. Unlike Jamie, however, he survived and she went to hospital to visit him as she’d taken a bit of a fancy to him.

Unfortunately he informed her that he already had a girlfriend. Poor Sonia, she can’t even get a date with someone suffering from serious concussion and without the use of his limbs.’

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