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Hospital Porter

by | 11th, September 2003

‘SUDDENLY they’re dropping like flies. First of all it was Gail Porter’s turn to pull out of Channel 4’s The Games with a recurrence of the hamstring injury she incurred in training.

Gail gets ready on the high board

“I feel like I’ve let everyone down,” the Scot sobbed – and she was right. She had been on TV for two hours and hadn’t even taken her clothes off.

And then the current leader of the women’s event Terri Dwyer (a Hollyoaks actress who left to further her career) sustained a groin injury in the skating and had to jump into a bath of ice.

Of course, this might have had far more to do with getting her picture in this morning’s papers than any medical advice, but let’s hope it is as successful in curing the ailment as it was in securing a bit of tabloid attention.

Meanwhile, male viewers’ eyes are still watering from Bobby Davro’s belly flop from the high board on Monday night.

But James Hewitt remains the man to beat, although having picked up a perfect six points in the first two events he failed to qualify for last night’s face-off on the ice.’

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