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by | 12th, September 2003

‘DID you know that Hernan Crespo’s dream when he was a lad was to be a binman? Yes, it’s true. It’s one of the many useful football facts that the Sun likes to trot out in place of sports reporting.

Crespo only stopped running when he got to the bank

The only surprise is that this back-page story is not supported by a shot of the wee Crespo kicking a ball around some Argentinean slum wearing a Manchester United kit with a Sky satellite dish hanging off his ears.

But the paper presses on regardless. Readers learn that Crespo also wants to a Robin Hood figure. “I‘d take from a bank or businessman and give it to the people,” he says.

Which is pretty much the reverse of being an overpaid footballer, who takes from the people and gives to the bank manager.

How dreams alter with reality.

For Wayne Rooney, though, many dreams have already come true. And the cherry has been put on his cake by way of a few words from on high.

The Express has heard that David Beckham thinks Rooney’s a good player. Which makes it official. “He’s good enough to go out and play in Turkey,” says Day-vid. He adds that Rooney’s “confidence has shot up since Saturday”.

Let’s just hope that a few generous words from Mr Posh Spice don’t inflate the young man’s ego too much.

But he’ll have to watch what he reads, as the papers heap praise on the player, going, as the Mirror does for the umpteenth time, “Looney for Rooney”.

While the Star lists Rooney’s name with another five “kid sensations” who also hit the headlines aged just 17. These are, in no special order: Pele, Ryan Giggs, Norman Whiteside, Diego Maradona and Ronaldo.

But the real, and perhaps only genuine sporting hero in England who might well lift a World Cup is Jonny Wilkinson.

The Mail looks at the rugby union player and what kind of tournament the rugby union Word Cup will be. And news is that the simple scoring system will be supplemented by bonus points.

How these points will be awarded is a clear as Kiwi mud, but with categories as diverse as “Straightest Line-Out”, “Best Use Of The Gouge”, Filthiest Rugby Song” and “Ugliest Front Row”, the South Africans are many people’s dark horses..’

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