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Thumbs Down

by | 12th, September 2003

‘THE greatest moment of Channel 4’s The Games, apart from Bobby Davro’s bellyflop from the high-board, has to be a conversation between the aforementioned Davro and chef Jean-Christophe Novelli.Yesterday, the pair had a heated conversation about the pressures of fame and fortune – which is rather like Vanessa Feltz and Lisa Riley sharing their experiences of anorexia.

Even in his blurb for the show, it is said that Davro is best known for his “outrageous” appearance on Live At Her Majesty’s in 1983. Even elephants don’t remember what happened at some variety show 20 years ago.

As for Jean-Christophe, all we are told is that he has cooked for Tony Blair, Salman Rushdie, Arnold Schwarzenegger and David Bowie. We don’t know if it was in a restaurant, at McDonalds or at one crazy, crazy dinner party.

Anyway after tonight, Bobby and Jean Christophe will once again be thrown to the mercy of the paparazzi and baying newshounds because it’s the last night of competition.

In the final event, the men have to go and take a running jump (which is something they must have been asked to do many times) and the women (or any ones fit enough to take part) throw a hammer.’

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