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Worth Every Penny

by | 17th, September 2003

‘ACCORDING to the broadsheet newspapers, their readers spend most of their spare time holding dinner parties at which the guests talk of nothing but house prices and school fees.

‘Anorak College made me what I am today’ – T. Blair

So you can imagine the excitement over at the Times by its big story about price-fixing among the country’s top public schools.

Now it follows up its initial bombshell with the good news that Gordonstoun has “thrown down the gauntlet” in the new “public school price war”.

Now, the term “price war” normally brings to mind phrases such as “PRICES SLASHED!” and “LOWEST-EVER PRICES!”. But the gauntlet thrown down by the Prince of Wales’ alma mater is slightly different. It is actually offering the “lowest fees rise” – its prices will rise by a mere 2 per cent next year.

The paper reports that this news is unlikely to be welcomed by other establishments, which are already under fire for big rises.

We are therefore delighted to draw our readers’ attention to an option they may previously have overlooked. Anorak College is holding its entry exams for next year’s intake, and a modest sum is usually sufficient to guarantee a sympathetic marking policy.

Fees are exceptionally competitive, and the usual Anorak policy applies: send two sons to our establishment, and the third will be educated gratis. (That’s Latin for “no charge”, as any classically-trained Old Anorakian will tell you.)’

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