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Fire At Will

by | 18th, September 2003

‘EVER wise to the ways of the street, we have noticed the development of a new trend. This movement involves hurling things at celebrities.

Do you mind if Vanessa Feltz comes to join you?

Take the Mirror’s story that in the small hours of last night a man was arrested close to the spot where the American conjurer David Blaine is hanging in a glass box. This man was apprehended whilst trying to throw lemons at the entertainer.

Over in the Sun, Blaine is still in the line of fire, this time from a group of London gay activists who plan to hurl sausages at him.

The advice for anyone wanting to join in this happening is to bring chipolatas, which are known to be more aerodynamic than the Cumberland variety and make ideal finger food.

And before you label this is just another London fad, the Star takes a look at developments in Liverpool where locals have been firing bullets at the home of former soap opera actress Jennifer Ellison.

The article speculates on why anyone should shoot at chez Ellison, talking about her boyfriend and how she’s had Jordan over to stay.

But we know a trend when we see on, and only wonder who will be next. Have your flakes ready, we think we see Anthea Turner coming…’

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