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by | 19th, September 2003

‘NEXT to South Africans, Australians are the best are telling us how wonderful life is back home Down Under. Down there, the sun always shines, the beer’s always cold and there’s always a fresh shrimp on the barbie.

‘We’re saving up to go travelling in Europe’

That they do this while propping up a bar in some colonial themed watering hole in London, Edinburgh or Dublin should alert you to the fact that is all is not as it seems.

For instance, did they mention that the sun is also beloved by all manner of creatures, like poisonous spiders and snakes? Did they say how you drink the beer out of a can or bottle as such vessels are harder for ants to crawl inside than glasses and mugs?

And that prawn on the babie looks alright, until you turn it over and see the angry wasps nest buzzing up its nether regions.

Tonight we get to feel better about our lot here in the frozen northern hemisphere when BBC2 goes Wild Down Under at 9pm.

The series does have some fantastic shots of the fauna and flora in the Australian heartland. And the scenery is typically breathtaking.

And what with the hole in the Ozone hanging over it, your breath is exactly what you’d lose if you saw it first hand. But it does look great on the telly. Or on the jumbo screen in the pub.

Grab a warm one and enjoy. Same again please, Shane…’

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