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J-Lo Gets The Bullet

by | 22nd, September 2003

‘ONE couple whose relationship is certainly in crisis is Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez.

Ben is acting crazy

The Sun catches the two together on a trip to buy a gun in Savannah, Georgia, where Ben owns a £10m ranch – and it reckons the omens for a reconciliation are not good.

“They didn’t look happy,” an onlooker tells the paper. “She had a face like thunder and he was equally miserable.”

J-Lo had apparently flown to Ben’s 83-acre estate to talk over their future after the cancellation of their wedding last Sunday.

“She was desperate to see if the relationship was salvageable, but things haven’t gone well,” a friend says.

But if Ben is looking to move on, it is unlikely to be with a British woman after the actor branded them all ugly.

At least, that’s the Star’s version of a very old story after Affleck apparently told Pearl Harbor co-star Kate Beckinsale that all British women had bad teeth and were hairy.

True it may be, but that’s the way we like ‘em, Ben. So, hands off…’

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