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Geri In Wonderland

by | 24th, September 2003

‘IT was cruel luck that the venue chosen for the meeting of Geri Halliwell and the parents of what seems to be her new lover, actor Jerry O’Connell, should be a restaurant.

The horror, the horror

Better had they met at the gymnasium or yoga studio. At either place Geri would have been in her element. She’d have known how to behave, when to put her legs behind her head, when to breathe, when to Downward Dog.

A restaurant must have been murder. One thinks of Alice entering her Wonderland. What are those metal things with the long prongs? Oysters? Is that large card with the writing on it a list of additives? Drink me? Eat me?

But on this night Geri had eyes only for her man. Who cares that he eats so badly, mixing his carbohydrates with his proteins? It’s the little things that make him so special.

That’s if she can see him. Hello!, the magazine that knows these things, tells us that the actor is 13 inches taller than Geri, standing as he does at 6ft 3in.

That would make her 5ft 2in, and 31 years old. And since we’re on a theme, it would also make her deeply talented, a first-rate singer and a perfect dinner companion.’

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