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Health Warning

by | 25th, September 2003

‘ONE imagines that no-one (with the possible exception of Bugs Bunny) knows better than Jordan how to eat a carrot.

Wash, eat, discard

But just in case she has forgotten, the Department of Health have circulated a step-by-step guide to schools explaining how to get the most from their carrots.

The advice is “to wash them, eat them from the bottom, discard the top”. Again. “Wash, eat, discard.” “Wash, eat, discard.”

It really is that simple but, if you do have any problems, contact Ruth Ward, area co-ordinator of the National School Fruit Scheme and author of said advice.

Leanne Buckley, a teaching assistant at Tithe Barn School in Stockport, told the Mail that Ms Ward’s wise words accompanied boxes of carrots sent to schools as part of a £42m scheme to encourage children to eat more fruit and vegetables.

“Up until then,” she said, “we were getting apples, pears and bananas and we never received any instructions with them.”

All in good time, Leanne. It’s not like the Department of Health haven’t got other things to do.’

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