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by | 26th, September 2003

‘ONE is a 5ft 10in blonde with blue eyes, bee-sting lips, a career as a catwalk model behind her and a promising future as one of Spain’s leading actresses in front of her.

‘That’s life,’ says Esther

The other is a 5ft 5in brunette with bad skin, a stupid grin, a career as a singer firmly behind her and a future as a celebrity shopper stretching out in front of her.

But David Beckham made his bed a few years ago and now he has to lie in it, albeit most of the time alone these days.

The tabloids this morning are full of Victoria Beckham asserting her conjugal rights after her husband was spotted out on the town with beautiful model Esther Canadas.

And she did it in the only way she knows how – by wearing a new frock to the British Style Awards.

The Star says her revealing outfit, ironically by a Spanish designer, stole the show – “the perfect way to deflect critics suggesting her relationship with David is under strain”.

Not that it was very successful, because only a few paragraphs later the paper is running the rule over the Beckhams’ marriage.

“They’re acting like a pair of spoilt kids,” a friend says. “As David pointed out in his book, it was Victoria who encouraged him to go to Spain.

“He thinks it is not unreasonable for her and the kids to join him out there. Victoria disagrees.”

However, if David spends many more evenings out on the town with the likes of Senorita Canadas, then his wife might change her mind.

The Spanish media certainly thinks so – yesterday, a Spanish TV programme hinted that the footballer’s relationship with the model-turned-actress went beyond friendship.

And, according to the Express, it produced a video comparing the relative charms of the two women.

Although Esther might have the edge on beauty, talent, youth etc., Victoria is not without attractions of her own – word is she makes a mean shepherd’s pie.’

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