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For The Chop?

by | 30th, September 2003

‘IF talk of Cherie Blair in labour is enough to make grizzled trade unionists faint, imagine what talk of vasectomies could do to a trainee Tube driver.

Tube travel – a snip at £1.60

Passengers in Britain are used to the most absurd excuses for train delays, usually involving leaves on the track, the wrong kind of snow or “slippery” rain.

But on Thursday commuters were held up after a trainee driver fainted and fell out of the cab of a moving train when two colleagues ignored his request to stop discussing the grim details of a vasectomy operation.

The Independent says the man was treated for head and chest injuries, but escaped more serious injury because the Tube train was travelling at only 15mph as it pulled out of Aldgate station.

London Underground said it had launched an investigation into the incident, which only came to light yesterday.

It is not known if disciplinary action will be taken against the two older men, but sources claim they could be facing the chop.’

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