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Goodbye, Farewell

by | 1st, October 2003

‘A GROUP yet more toxic and unappealing than al Qaeda could be found last night singing along to the Sound Of Music at the Alexandria Theatre in Birmingham.

‘We are sixty, going on seventy…’

All the usual suspects were there – the kind of people who set up societies at universities and colleges, who go along to watch the London Marathon and who have read all the Harry Potter books.

There they were in the theatre, dressed as nuns, Nazis and all manner of undesirables, ready to ‘doh a deer’ and ‘climb ev’ry mountain’.

The Sun was also there, looking on as around 40 of the most hardcore activists of such godless shindigs mounted the stage and belted out a song.

And now a pause. For all of you out there who thought God was just a made-up thing, something to be thanked by pop stars at their moment of triumph, think again.

God works in mysterious ways his wonder to perform. In short, the stage collapsed, sending the nun fetishists and wannabe Herrenvolk crashing more than 12ft into the orchestra pit.

At this point we should say that people were hurt, some quite badly.

While we wish no ill to come of this band, we ask you to save your own prayers for the other inmates at the hospital where they are receiving treatment.

If Frank Bruno wasn’t off his rocker before, a few con molto brio verses of My Favourite Things should see him mad as a hatter by teatime.’

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