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The Play’s The Thing

by | 1st, October 2003

‘IF Euan Blair is casting around for somewhere other than the Labour party conference to take his girlfriend on a date, maybe he should think about a night out at the theatre.

Ruff trade

More precisely, perhaps he should think about a night out watching the Royal Shakespeare Company perform a series of 17th Century Spanish plays.

Why? Because the Independent reports on research which suggests that, while women were allowed to act in the plays, they were not allowed to sit next to their men in the audience.

“The RSC is now exploring the possibility of following suit,” it says.

RSC artistic director Michael Boyd said: “I think it will totally transform the notion of the aside.”

In its quest for 17th Century authenticity, perhaps the RSC should also consider conjuring up the mood of the time.

Widespread discontent about excessive taxation under an arrogant and overweening ruler, pointless battles being fought far away from home, rudimentary health care…’

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