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A Breed Apart

by | 1st, October 2003

‘IN Europe we are blessed with so many aristocrats that sometimes we have to export them to poor benighted lands like Australia which haven’t got any of their own.

Harry is working as a jackaroo – or jackarupert, as it’s known in polite circles

That’s why Prince Harry has been sent Down Under for three months, purportedly to learn about agriculture and farming but really to introduce our antipodean cousins to a bit of breeding.

If he can slip his minders, Harry will no doubt be keen not only to blow the froth off a couple of coldies but also to try out some of the local weed.

And, if given the chance, to pep up the local gene pool with the kind of chromosomes that come only from centuries of inter-breeding.

There is certainly no shortage of volunteers. Hello! catches up with ‘attractive blondes’ Brook and Jessica Brims, who managed to break the police cordon to give the prince a gift.

‘We were disappointed not to get a kiss,’ Brooke sighs, ‘but at least we got to meet him and we think he’s a good sort.’

Her sister agreed. ‘He’s DDG,’ she said (meaning drop-dead gorgeous). ‘It was obvious that the tall red-headed man stopped him from giving us a kiss.’

Er, hate to spoil your fun, girls, but we think you’ll find that the tall red-headed man was actually the prince.’

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