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by | 6th, October 2003

‘ARNOLD Schwarzenegger has probably got too much on his plate at the moment (as he defends himself against allegations that he is a serial groper) to cast an eye over the British tabloids.

The future governor of California

However, if he did, he would no doubt enjoy a picture of himself in the Sun in which he is shown leering in grotesque fashion at a topless model’s breasts.

As more women come out of the woodwork every hour to accuse the bodybuilder-turned-actor of being a sexual predator, the Sun questions his pledge to be a ‘champion for women’ if elected Governor of California tomorrow.

But there are women aplenty for the Terminator star to champion in the Star where Holly Valance celebrates the release of her new single in time-honoured fashion – by taking most of her clothes off.

The ex-Neighbours star reportedly fell out with her record company a few months ago because she felt she was asked to do too many revealing photo shoots to promote her records.

However, it’s amazing what a few months out of the limelight does for a woman and now Holly is only too happy to slip into some tight and transparent skimpies.

‘I love these outfits – they are so sexy and they leave just enough to the imagination,’ she says.

Or just too much for the imagination of one soon-to-be governor…’

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