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Back From The Dead

by | 6th, October 2003

‘DIRTY Den rose up from his watery grave last week, slipped his black leather jacket back on and sauntered back into Albert Square.

‘Ugh! You smell of dead fish and pondweed’

“’Ello Princess,” he growled as the stepped out of the shadows and back into Sharon’s life. Sharon took one look at him and promptly threw up.

Vicki, who in the process seems to have undergone the sort of accent change Sean Connery would be proud of, found Den in Spain. When he realised that Dalton was dead, he decided to accompany his daughter back to Walford in an attempt to resurrect his relationship with Sharon, and his acting career.

On the evidence so far though, it’s clear where his son Dennis has inherited his ply-wood skills from.

After initially telling Den she wished he really was dead, Sharon decided to forgive him and accept his excuse that it would have been “too dangerous” for him to contact her, “wot with a price still on my head”. This in spite of the fact that his hiding place in Spain was discovered by a 17-year-old girl.

Den came home to more family than he was expecting when Dennis revealed that he was his son. Dennis didn’t get the welcome he was expecting though. “Oo’s yer mum?” asked Den and, when told it was a Paula Rickman, Den looked blank.

“It were all a bit of fun back then. You didn’t stop to ask their names,” Den told his son. Dennis won a bit of respect from Den though when he revealed that it was him who shot Dalton.

“’E were like a dad to be,” Dennis said. Which made Den wonder just what Dennis might do to his real father.

Their uneasy truce isn’t going to last long though when Den discovers that Dennis has slept with his Princess. “I love you, Sharon,” Dennis told her the morning after their night together. “I know we’re meant to be together.”

Sharon looked rather taken aback. “But you’re my brother,” she told him, clutching the pink sheets to her orange chest.

Which while not strictly true, does give their relationship a rather ‘special’ angle. On the bright side though, at least Sharon wouldn’t have to change her surname if they got married.’

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