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Night Of The Long Knives

by | 9th, October 2003

‘IT promises to be the night of the long knives and, with any luck, ITV will film it and broadcast it as Night Of The Long Knives.

Mel felt naked without Des beside her

The Express reports that some of the best-known faces on the third channel could be facing the axe following the £4.2bn merger between Granada and Carlton.

‘Among those who could face the chop under the new regime,’ it says, ‘are Davina McCall, who presented the far from successful Reborn In The USA, Melanie Sykes, host of ratings flop Celebrities Under Pressure and quiz show The Vault, and Brian Conley, presenter of the doomed Judgement Day.

‘Chris Tarrant, host of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?, is also under pressure as the show’s popularity wanes.’

Of course, it is easy to blame the hosts for the failure of shows when the real problem is that the concept is flawed or just tired.

But if you’re going to sack some of the top names on British TV, then why not make an occasion of it?

We could have the likes of Tarrant, Conley, McCall and Sykes competing among themselves in a succession of Pop Idol-like auditions to hang on to their jobs.

A sure-fire ratings hit – and we get to watch these obscenely overpaid turkeys humiliate themselves in public. Everyone’s a winner…’

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