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Her Royal Huffiness

by | 10th, October 2003

‘WHILE the short fat one from Girls Aloud was in court yesterday, the horsey looking one from the Royal Family was facing an employment tribunal.

‘What! You chop them up and put them in boiling water?’

And this morning’s reports of proceedings don’t make great reading for Princess Anne (for it is she), who it is said once got in a huff because she had to heat up her own dinner.

That is the claim of Caroline Brown, who worked as a housekeeper at the Princess’s Gatcombe Park mansion from 1990 until she was made redundant earlier this year.

The Express says Miss Brown took a day off in January this year and left the Princess a prepared meal – but when she returned to work, she was given the silent treatment.

“She was plainly not speaking to me,” she told the tribunal in Bristol. “This is the royal way of showing disapproval.”

At this point, we would like to make it clear that no member of the Royal Family has ever exchanged words with any of us at Anorak.

What have we ever done to offend you, guys? Drop us a line and let’s put this stupid business behind us.

Anyway, back to the tribunal and 47-year-old Miss Brown is detailing how she had worked her fingers to the bone cleaning up after the Princess (or “mucking out”, as we believe it is actually called).

“It was not unusual to go three weeks without a day off,” she said. “On one memorable occasion, I worked 13 consecutive weekends.”

However, Commander Tim Laurence said Miss Brown was made redundant because there wasn’t enough work to justify a full-time housekeeper.

What that’s got to do with it we don’t know – after all, Princess Anne’s oldest brother may only brush his teeth twice a day but that doesn’t stop him having a full-time toothpaste squeezer.

Nevertheless, the tribunal ruled that the Princess had acted properly and said “neigh” to Miss Brown’s claim of unfair dismissal.’

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