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Sexercise Regime

by | 14th, October 2003

‘HOW does Martine McCutcheon keep so slim?’ is one of those questions. Like ‘What is the secret of Anthea Turner’s enduring popularity?’ and ‘What made Hale & Pace so funny?’

Martine couldn’t work out how to get her butterfly bikini top on

But the Mirror is on hand to answer its own question and the answer appears to be the Shane Richie diet – lots of sex. Or, as Ms McCutcheon has it, ‘loadsa shagging’.

Her personal trainer in this respect is 23-year-old property developer James Tanner, whom Martine has been dating since Christmas.

‘He’s gorgeous and not at all posh,’ she tells Cosmopolitan magazine (which tells the Mirror). ‘He comes from south London.’

Why we should have expected that James would be posh or indeed what the fact that he’s from south London has got to do with the price of fish we don’t know.

But we do know that sex is not the only secret of Martine’s svelte figure and clear skin.

She also swims a lot and does yoga. And eats only once a week. And does a body pump class twice a day. And has colonic irrigation every weekend. And has liposuction every other Tuesday…’

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