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Tracy Stays Mum

by | 14th, October 2003

‘AND so it came to pass that the slut lay down with the anoraked freak and lo! a baby was born unto them. Although similarities between the Virgin Mary and Tracy are few and far between, the miracle of Tracy’s baby has certainly touched Deirdre and Hayley.

‘And here’s one I conceived earlier’

“The doctors told her she may not be able to have babies after her kidney transplant,” Deirdre told Hayley. “It’s a miracle.” Unfortunately Tracy doesn’t see it that way and is regarding her impending child as nothing more than a cheque for 20 grand.

Hayley and Roy have become increasingly worried by Tracy’s behaviour – drinking pints and smoking in the Rovers and now getting a job as a minicab driver with Streetcars.

They decided to tell Ken and Deirdre about the baby in a vain attempt to get them to make her take her responsibilities seriously. “T-T-Tracy’s having a baby,” stammered Roy, “and I’m the father.”

Tracy taking responsibility for herself, however, is about as likely as Alpay Ozalan appearing on David Beckham’s Christmas card list.

“You’re a freak!” screamed Deirdre. “It’s Hayley that’s the freak!” retorted Tracy, who earned a slap round the face from her mother for her trouble.

After plenty of chicken-necked ranting from the pair of them, Tracy and Deirdre have called an uneasy truce. “She’s carrying our grandchild, after all,” Deirdre told Ken. The pair have yet to discover though that their “grandchild” is going to be sold for 20 grand the moment it’s born.

Elsewhere in Weatherfield, Candice is causing her own fair share of trouble by dating her flatmate’s ex-boyfriend. Maria and Fizz came home to find Nick emerging from Candice’s bedroom looking very sheepish.

“The little cow,” muttered Maria. Which is a bit rich considering she not only slept with, but also got pregnant by, her former flatmate’s not even ex-boyfriend.

Peter Barlow has, sensibly, had enough of his women troubles and has left the Street. Lucy and Shelly are going for some long distance revenge, however, by clearing out the bookies of any profits every day.

“As his legal wife, I’m entitled,” Lucy told a worried Bev. “Don’t trust her, Shelly luv,” a worried Bev told her daughter. “She’s trouble.”

But the Street Psycho space that’s been vacant since the departure of the glorious Tricky Dicky looks like being filled not by Lucy but by Brenda Ferns, Bethany’s paternal grandmother.

Not only does Brenda love the Baby Jesus big time, she’s taken to dropping round to try and convince Sarah Louise to let her take Bethany out for long walks without her. Who knows yet what she’s up to? Perhaps she’s heard that Weatherfield is a Mecca for baby buying.’

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