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Eat Your Heart Out

by | 15th, October 2003

‘BEFORE we move onto the first of our glimpses at glamour, ask yourself this question, as Hello! asks its readers: ‘What next for the Fame Academy stars?’

Sophie was never a very good bra model

That is a big question. Instantly it begs another: ‘What’s on offer?’ But before we get to cover versions of Cliff Richard B-sides, duets with David Sneddon and residencies at Melton Mowbray’s Stardust Lounge, let us consider Sophie Anderton.

In this week’s Hello!, the former bra model ‘talks frankly about beating her demons’.

Buffy, eat your heart out, because Sophie’s demons don’t come with overhanging brows, yellowy eyes and claws – well, not unless their snouts are covered in powdered cocaine.

‘Some of the things I’ve experienced have been very traumatic,’ says Sophie, ‘like being involved in a hit-and-run accident when I was 11, being sexually abused at 14 and nearly dying from an overdose when I was 20.’

Sophie’s career comes straight from the school of hard drugs. It’s just a wonder that she hasn’t had bulimia, anorexia, Atkinsophilia, cannibalism or any other eating disease so popular with the in crowd.

Perhaps now she’s off the cocaine, her appetite will return and give her another trump card to deal as she plays the modern version of the fame game.

You know this game, where one starlet says how she’s a better person now for having taken Class A drugs, slept with anyone famous and/or rich with the aim of making herself more famous and/or rich and struggled to maintain perfection in a society where perfection is demanded of very beautiful woman.

Just listen to what Sophie said a few moons ago. ‘I’m much more scared of living than dying. Dying would be easy, living is the tough one.’

Of course she’s wrong, as her failed suicide attempt reveals. If you want to check, you can tell Sophie is alive by holding a mirror up to her mouth – but not her nose. Not anymore.’

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