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Ryders On The Storm

by | 15th, October 2003

‘ANOTHER woman who has suffered is Kym Marsh. And she’s all the better for her struggles – stronger, cleaner, slimmer, with nicer shinier hair and to-die-for shoes.

‘I’m all right, Jack’

And Kym is now confident enough to ‘set the record straight about her marriage to Jack Ryder, motherhood and the price of pop stardom’.

Hang on, that’s a lot in one go, isn’t it? Let’s take things slowly and just start with a chat about her marriage to the former EastEnders actor.

Right now Kym and Jack are at home ‘working through things’. They are, as Kym herself points it, ‘talking’.

Perhaps they are talking about what Jack did when the couple sensationally split for five minutes earlier in the year. Perhaps his next acting job is the topic du jour.

What they are not talking about is having children together in the future, something that Kym can’t predict – so they might be talking about Kym and Kym’s weight, which she can.

By way of background, Kym lets us know that she runs three times a week and does 300 sit-ups a day.

‘I do fewer now – but make them harder,’ she adds. Her normal size is between an eight and a ten but she has been a 12.

This keep-fit regime and slavish dedication to weight loss are part of the price of pop stardom. And there is the bulimia she suffered from a few years back.

So there we go, as promised Kym’s covered marriage, motherhood and the price of fame in one easy-to-digest shake of an article.

Next week Kym will cover quantum physics, euthanasia and living with shaving rash.’

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