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Keeping Up With The Joneses

by | 17th, October 2003

‘WHEN our American friends read Renee Zellwegger’s daily menu, as reproduced in this week’s National Enquirer, they will ask themselves one question: ‘Is she back on a diet again?’

Renee Zellwegger – as viewed from the top of her lunch

The answer is yes – the 34-year-old actress is on a diet.

However, this diet is to gain weight as she reprises her role as Bridget Jones, which has just started shooting in London.

For instance, for breakfast she will have fried French (or should that be Freedom?) toast with maple syrup, four slices of toast with cream cheese and an omelette with a side of bacon.

For lunch, she has a Caesar salad with extra dressing, a bowl of pasta with a cheese-based sauce and crispy duck with sauce and rice.

Finally, for a typical dinner she eats chicken cordon bleu, steak, fish or chicken with fries and pudding.

In the United States, they call it the WeightWatchers diet.’

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