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Di Another Day

by | 20th, October 2003

‘ALL this talk of hearts can only being back painful memories of Princess Diana, the Queen of such organs.

Paul Burrell models another Diana original

Today the Mirror celebrates the life and, most notably, the death of our former Lady Of The Immaculate Shopping Bag by a headline that is bound to shock and amaze: “They’re planning ‘an accident’ in my car so Charles can marry again.”

Those words were, apparently, written by the now departed wind-blown candle on a note given to Paul Burrell for safe keeping 10 months before her death.

Now you can read the missive that “WILL STUN THE WORLD”.

The note gets more explicit one page on (the Mirror dedicates nine to its dissection), where the letter specifies “brake failure and serious head injury” as the ways to a happy ending for Chas and his girlfriend.

But why did Diana give it to Burrell, whose place was already awash with her old dresses and knick-knacks?

Helpfully, the man himself gives an answer, saying how she ordered him to keep it as “insurance”.

And the policy matured very nicely the day Diana died. And you can read all about it in Burrell’s new policy document, entitled A Royal Duty – “the book of the century”.

The tome also has Diana longing “to hug her mother-in-law”, and saying that “part of me [Di] will always love Charles”.

Other gems include: “Buy this book or my soul will wander in limbo for eternity”; “Never wear brown in town”; and “Harvey Nichols is now open on Sundays”.’

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