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Camera Angles

by | 20th, October 2003

‘WE can now reveal that the lady who designs Penny Lancaster’s underwear is called Michelle Mone.

Penny recaptures the pose that made Bailey a legend

David Bailey might have been famous in the Sixties, but we cannot recall anyone bothering to find out who makes his kecks.

And Mario Testino could be wearing tights and a stained pair of Union Jack Y-fronts for all we know – or care.

We started with facts and so it is that we now boldly state one more: Penny Lancaster is clearly the world’s most talked about and revered photographer.

When most of us want to take a photograph of ourselves we hold the camera at arms length, aim it roughly towards our faces and… click!

Penny, on the other hand, most likely impales her camera on a tripod, or pile of Yellow Pages phonebooks, and ensures the optimum exposure by inviting round a few amateur photography enthusiasts and magazine types.

She then scrawls a pert X where her buttocks must sit to be in the middle of the frame before setting the timer, depressing the camera’s big silver button and dashing over to her pre-made mark.

Then she waits for her self-portrait to be made real.

She’s an expert photographer is Penny – as any of the many pictures of her in her knickers and bra reveal.’

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