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Seedless Fruits

by | 21st, October 2003

‘IT is little wonder in a country where the Prime Minister drinks herbal tea that we are suffering from a shortage of sperm.

‘Ah, the Danes are coming!’

But such is the problem that the fertility watchdog is considering ‘bulk’ imports from Denmark to make up for the lack of seed in this country.

The Telegraph doesn’t quite explain whether the abovementioned bulk refers to the size of the Danish sperm or the quantity to be shipped over.

Suffice it to say that the Human Fertilisation And Embryology Association thinks the importation of Scandi-sperm is ‘likely to prove a valuable option’.

In Denmark, sperm donors are paid about £23 a deposit, but the only details kept are hair and eye colour, height, blood group and ethnic classification.

In Britain, however, names are kept on record and the Telegraph says potential donors are being put off because they are worried that anonymity laws will be changed.

And the fact that no-one drinks camomile tea in Copenhagen.’

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