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by | 22nd, October 2003

‘JO thinks peace in Northern Ireland is long overdue. “We all want to see the Good Friday agreement back on track,” says the 24-year-old from London.

There’s no place for fried eggs on Page 3

“It just goes to show that talking provides a far better solution to a problem than mindless violence.”

Amen to that.

If only Jo had been on hand the morning after David Gest married Liza Minelli, their love would now be blossoming and his phonophobia would not be so acute.

But the Sun’s “News in Briefs” topless stunner is not available to save the world just yet, only bits of it. And the rest of us are invited to wait our turn.

And while we do so, why not enjoy a nice cup of tea? The Star’s Danni has a mug of char for us and, by way of added seduction, is pictured carrying a food plate on which sits a pile of baked beans, some bread (white, sliced) and a sausage.

She is also topless, which is not only dangerous at a time of year when cold chills hang in the air, but will most likely lead to the kind of trouble only Jo can solve.

Doesn’t she know the adage that a man goes to work on an egg?’

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