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A Hard Luck Story

by | 23rd, October 2003

‘OUR national tendency to seek escape from everyday life through drugs and drink might just be explained by our native spirit of discovery.

Take one day, preferably before class

With few places left in which to stick a flag, and fewer people left to put in a suit and taken tiffin with, Brits take drugs to travel to somewhere new, to experience something different.

With our application for the Liberal party’s drugs tsar now stated in high-inducing indelible ink, we move on to the Star’s drugs news.

Today the Star reports on the six children who were caught taking Viagra at school.

The boys, aged between 12 and 13, took the pills after one of their number raided his dad’s medicine cabinet.

That ‘dealer’ has now been excluded from Forest School in Winnersh, Bucks, for “actions which placed other pupils at risk”.

The Sun puns about the lad having learnt a ”hard lesson”, labouring its earlier point about the “stiff lesson” – but what of the crime?

In what ways were the other pupils at risk? Would the caper, as most teachers warn, have taken someone’s eye out?

Surely not – this was, after all, an all-boys school.’

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