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Hunting Victoria

by | 23rd, October 2003

‘NEXT Monday, there is a programme on BBC1 called Looking For Victoria, in which Prunella Scales takes the role of our longest-reigning and determinedly unamused monarch opposite her real-life husband Timothy West.

‘We’ll count to 10 and then come after you’

We only mention this because tonight there is a programme called Hunting Chris Ryan, in which the former SAS man has to carry out set tasks in some of the world’s most inhospitable places while being chased by a team of four Special Forces soldiers.

As the two programmes are on the same channel and at the same time (9pm), we wondered whether they were in fact related.

While Chris Ryan is trying to retrieve a cache of communications equipment from the jungle in Honduras, is Prunella Scales as Queen Victoria battling through the wilds of Siberia, trying to stay one step ahead of a team of pursuing Cossacks?

All we can say is that we hope so. And if not, isn’t it time the BBC started thinking a bit more laterally about its programming to try to bring history to life. Come on, guys – push the envelope and all that jazz.’

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