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Going Tits Up

by | 27th, October 2003

‘THOUSANDS of mothers have lost their right to breastfeed at work after a tribunal ruled that they have no special legal protection when they return from maternity leave.

The canteen was always open

So reports the Independent this morning after the employment appeal tribunal overturned a previous ruling supporting the sex discrimination case brought by Helen Williams.

However, the paper rather overlooks the most striking part of the story, namely that Mrs Williams is a flight lieutenant in the RAF.

Now, we don’t have strong views either way on the desirability of women breastfeeding at work, but we do feel that there is a time and a place.

For instance, we would suggest that the cockpit of a Tornado at 1,400 mph isn’t really the right venue to suckle your infant baby.

And we would also suggest that, much as we support employers providing crèche facilities for their staff, taking your baby into a combat zone is somewhat ill-advised.

Similarly, we would advise that the ‘Bring Your Daughters To Work’ day should not extend to Formula 1 drivers, especially if it happens to coincide with race day.’

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