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Son And Hair

by | 30th, October 2003

‘IT’S not easy being Romeo Beckham – and that’s before he gets bullied in the school playground for having a silly name.

‘The grand old Duke of York…’

Not only does he have to listen to his mum singing him to sleep (or at least miming to a backing track of Rock A Bye Baby), but he has to keep up to date with his dad’s various hairstyles.

Brother Brooklyn was once spotted sporting a mini-mohawk, although these days he prefers a gelled spike.

Romeo, however, opts to keep right up-to-date with dad’s latest coiffeur and is spotted out and about in Madrid with a Japanese-style ponytail.

The Express pictures the one-year-old sporting the new style as he went shopping with mum, presumably for a toddler-size sarong.

“He looked very cute and is obviously going to be as stylish as his daddy,” a Spanish passer-by said.

But what of his mummy? The Mail catches up with her in somewhat less salubrious surroundings – a car park in Hammersmith, London.

The 29-year-old was apparently kept waiting for more than an hour when she turned up at the offices of her manager Simon Fuller.

“Her face a picture of anger,” the paper says, “she paced the car park while Fuller remained off the scene.

“Eventually, when he was ready to see her, he emerged for a brief meeting in the car park, looking singularly unimpressed as she presented him with a storyboard containing some of her ideas for a video.”

Either that or he didn’t think much of Brooklyn’s daubings in his primary school art class.

Victoria Beckham’s career may, as the Mail claims, be “in freefall”, but her husband doesn’t seem to have too much concern over where his next cheque’s coming from.

The Sun reports that the England captain has racked up a £432,875 bill in the five-star Madrid hotel where he has been staying since August.

Of that only £80,000 has been on accommodation – £54,000 has been spent in the restaurant, £18,000 on room service, £77,000 on guests and an amazing £18,000 on valet parking for his five cars.

A further £178,000 has gone on other services, including laundry, phone calls, massages and TV and videos.

That sounds like an awful lot of adult movies to explain away when Victoria sees the bill.’

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