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Saving Chris Ryan

by | 30th, October 2003

‘REMEMBER that bit in the movie Top Gun when you weren’t sure if you were watching another training run by Maverick and Goose or an actual bona fide dogfight?

Bravo Minus Two Zero

Tonight Chris Ryan creates a similar scenario when he is hunted on BBC1 at 9pm.

The former SAS man, and author of The One That Got Away, has been given a mission to seek and destroy a spy satellite that’s fallen into the Artic Circle.

It’s not just the ice and snow that are vying to stop Ryan from reaching his goal but four special–operations types in a “hunter force”.

Whereas TV’s survivalist Ray Mears just tells us how to endure the wilds, Ryan wants us to wrestle it, interrogate it and, if his superiors command it, administer a swift yet fatal blow to its goolies.

This race is taken so seriously by Ryan and his forceful challengers that you start to wonder if what you are watching is real.

If it is, Ryan should run for his life. If it isn’t, remind us not to play even a game of snap with these win-at-all-costs lunatics.’

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