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Peace In Our Time

by | 31st, October 2003

‘TONY Blair has apparently called a war council – no, don’t panic, we’re not invading anywhere this week – to plan how to deal with the Tories’ new leader-in-waiting Michael Howard.

‘I call the left one Yasser’

And well he might worry, for this is one politician who delivers what he promises.

On the front page of this morning’s Sun, Howard (who has already got Page 3 stunna Nicola T’s vote by dint of being married to “a gorgeous ex-model”) pledges to “give Sun readers a better life”.

And no sooner are the words out of his mouth but he is living up to his word with a two-page spread of “the hottest undies ever”.

Not only that but the former Home Secretary has given evidence of his powers of diplomacy by persuading warring models Naomi Campbell and Angie Everhart to pose together (with Czech Daniela Pestova as a UN peacekeeping force) for the H&M shoot.

In case you don’t keep up with which supermodel’s not talking to whom, Naomi and Angie had a bust-up in a Monaco nightclub two years ago.

[Then again, if Naomi Campbell didn’t talk to anyone she has fallen out with, she would be quieter than a Trappist monk with laryngitis.]

However, the two agreed to put aside their differences after a special plea by the Tory supremo and appear, in the Sun’s words “bust of friends”.

After that, the Middle East should be a doddle.’

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