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House Of Horrors

by | 31st, October 2003

‘HOUSE OF Horrors sounds like just the sort of thing for Halloween TV (for the few of you who are not out chucking eggs and flour over your neighbours).

Messers Bodgit and Leggit at work

But – surprise, surprise – this is no blood-curdling, spine-tingling drama like Theatre Of Blood but another bloody DIY programme. Yawn, yawn.

This is a little better than usual in that it actually a hidden camera show exposing just what the plumber, builder, electrician etc. get up to (for their two grand an hour) when they think no-one’s looking.

The results as you might imagine are truly frightening, but what is less clear is what we are supposed to do about it. We could set up a CCTV camera in our homes to monitor their work, but we’d probably have to get a sparky in to do that.

And – sharp intake of breath through teeth – that isn’t as easy a job as it looks.’

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