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Shag-A-Geek Week

by | 2nd, November 2003

‘IT is almost obligatory for Hollywood sex symbols to confess to being teased at school because of their looks – either they were too tall, too goofy, too spotty or just too weird.

An ugly duckling out of water

The latest to make such an admission is Uma Thurman – or in her case the admission is made for her by her brother Dechen Thurman.

“She was oddly proportioned, gangly with a nose, hands and feet that were too big for her body,” he tells this week’s National Enquirer.

“It was obvious that she was going to grow beautiful, but she didn’t see it. In fact, she has a romantic notion that she is an ugly duckling.”

If the young Uma didn’t see it, you can be very sure that all the boys at her high school didn’t see it either.

And how they must be kicking themselves today as they sit down on their extra large couch in front of an extra large TV dinner with their wife who looks like Kirstie Alley after an excursion to the all-you-can-eat-for-a-dollar pizza restaurant!

But Uma is by no means the only future Hollywood starlet who has got away from high school studs – Julia Roberts was a speccy geek at High School, Nicole Kidman was a beanpole and Victoria Beckham was nicknamed ‘pizza face’.

All of which should act as a wake-up call to teenage lotharios – forget the cheerleaders and the prom queens and seek out the weirdest looking girl in the after-school drama club.

Yes, we’re proud to say that it’s Anorak’s inaugural Shag A Geek week. Just don’t blame us when the ugly duckling grows up to be an ugly duck.’

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