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The Skinny From Skinner

by | 2nd, November 2003

‘WHITNEY Houston is a drug addict. As revelations ago, that is up there with the news that George W Bush can’t watch TV and chew pretzels at the same time.

‘Yes, but I never inhaled’

But it is also the considered opinion of Kevin Skinner, a former aide who claims he tried to warn street dealers not to sell to the troubled singer.

‘Do I think she’s an addict?’ he says. ‘In my personal opinion, yes. Have I ever seen Whitney use drugs? Yes, I have.

‘Have I ever started a sentence with anything other than a question? No, I haven’t.’

Skinner’s amazing revelations, which were made on a recent NBC programme called Dateline, are backed up by others, such as radio host Wendy Williams.

She told the show that Whitney threatened to beat her up after she asked her on air whether she smoked marijuana.

That’s a bit like asking Oliver Reed if he enjoyed a beer, Rod Stewart if he finds blondes more attractive than brunettes or Mick Jagger if he was ever unfaithful to his wife.

All we can say is that you deserve to get hit for asking such a bloody stupid question.’

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