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by | 3rd, November 2003

‘WHEREAS the famous pay their way in life, able to afford the niceties from the own bank accounts, the mere celebs look for the freebie.

‘Who had rice?’

Whether it be an old sock, a cinema ticket or a drink in a new bar, the celeb is always scratching around like a hungry pig for the free goods.

OK! has noticed this and has been playing out a series in which celebs of minor repute are whisked away for a lunch at a restaurant that will be more famous for having been patronised by them.

And so it is that Jamie Foreman and his “glamorous“ girlfriend Julie Dennis are seen sampling the delights of Drones Club.

Not that Jamie, who stars in ITV’s Family, is fazed by such fine dining. A “seafood anorak” he might be, but, as he says, “Deep down, I still believe you can’t beat a nice bit of pie and mash”.

How very humble. But we all know that what you can’t beat is a freebie, and that’s what Jamie and Julie are seen tucking into.

For starters, they have sweet rock shrimp tempura. Head chef, Juri Ravgali, suggests making the batter a hour before using it. Jamie and Julie suggest waiting until OK! invites you to eat Juri’s.

And then it’s rack of lamb with black pepper crust. Leaving room for passion fruit sorbet.

But what’s this? Just as Jamie and Julie are settling back for some post-prandial drinking, the restaurant’s owner, Piers Adam, is coming over.

He’s showing them a huge piece of card, the contents of which are offered only for Jamie and Julie’s perusal. Gulp! Judging by the look on Jamie’s pug dog face it might be a bill.

Or else, Juri failed to take his own advice and let the batter stand before cooking…’

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