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by | 4th, November 2003

‘IT has been David Beckham’s injured hamstring that has been occupying the minds of Real Madrid supporters recently, although the England captain did return to the side at the weekend to help them to a 3-0 victory over Atletico Bilbao.

Space for rent

But tonight ITV1 viewers are preoccupied with all of Beckham’s Body Parts as the channel tries a new angle to justify devoting another hour of prime time TV to the country’s most famous sportsman.

Thus we are treated to lengthy disquisitions on his various hairstyles, his tattoos and even the metatarsal that he famously broke before last year’s World Cup.

Exactly what the programme achieves – apart from fulfilling its own central theme, namely that every part of Beckham’s body has its own commercial appeal – is not clear. But then Beckham is now so famous that his fame has become self-reinforcing.

Anyone hoping that all of Beckham’s Body Parts will be making an appearance tonight is going to be disappointed. There is at least one member that does not have its own endorsement – yet.’

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