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Not Turning A Blind Eye

by | 5th, November 2003

‘YESTERDAY’S exposure of the number of British cops who are paid-up members of the British National Party has tapped David Blunkett’s knee.

‘Not a cell will be left unfilled’

Speaking in the Mirror, the Home Secretary says that he doesn’t believe it is tenable for a member of the BNP to be a serving police officer.

Only it can be, since it is not illegal. Although odious, the BNP is not an outlawed party. Why, it’s the party of choice in parts of Burnley.

As such, BNP spokesman Phil Edwards cannot be totally discredited when he says: “Policemen and women have the same concerns about the future of the country as those in other walks of life.”

Just a pity that these other people should be Skinheads, Nazis and, hey, who knows, even retired policemen.

But there is some good news. And it can be found in Warwickshire, where there are officially no racists of any description whatsoever.

The Mail says that a round-the-clock police hotline set up to deal with complaints of racism has been shut down because no-one rang it.

Available in eight languages, the service offered callers the chance to listen to a recorded message and leave their own message after the beep.

We managed to call the number just before it closed down and were told the following:

“If you are being racially abused, verbally or physically, we remind you that racism is part of Britain today and you should endeavour to fit in.

“For a crash course in British racism leave your name and address after the beep. Our officers will attend as soon as they get away from their BNP meeting.”’

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