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Send In The Flying Squad

by | 5th, November 2003

‘WHO would win in a straight scrap – Superman or Spiderman? Or could Batman have them both?

‘Oi, piss off! I’m protesting up here’

We ask this question as we read in the Telegraph that the cost to taxpayers of David Chick’s Spiderman protest over London is being put at £5m a day.

The 36-year-old, dressed as the arachnoid superhero, has condemned parts of the capital to gridlock since he climbed up a crane above Tower Bridge on Friday.

The effect of closing Tower Bridge has been felt miles away with the AA estimating that the total length of peak-time jams caused by the protest at between 30 and 40 miles.

So far, the only tactic police seem to have to get the man, who is protesting at a court’s decision to restrict access to his four-year-old daughter, down is abuse.

A senior police officer called him “a prat”, mayor Ken Livingstone said he was amply demonstrating why some men should not have access to their kids and his neighbours in West Sussex described him as “a bit of an idiot” and “weird”.

However, as none of the papers are getting delivered to the top of the crane, this is not having much effect on Mr Chick.

But what about sending two men dressed in Superman and Batman outfits up the crane after him? Then we’ll see if a man can fly…’

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