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The Bum’s Rush

by | 7th, November 2003

‘SO often when stars make it to the top they forget what helped them on their way.

Beyonce and her bum in happier times

And so it is that we read with shaking heads the Sun’s news that Beyonce Knowles doesn’t want anyone focusing on her backside.

Like George Michael’s Andrew Ridgely, Beyonce’s backside has ably supported the main star of the show on her meteoric rise to fame’s rich golden pastures.

But at last night’s MTV awards Beyonce told camera crews that she wanted none of them to film her backing act.

She wants to be taken as a serious artiste and thinks that being associated with what is merely a makeweight, albeit a charming and amply proportioned one, will hold her back.

With no interviews with Beyonce’s ass forthcoming, the Star follows Beyonce’s front end to Harvey Nichols emporium, London.

There, the bit of Beyonce that sings spent £20,000 in a one-and-a-half hour shopping spree, taking in such items as a Kimono dress, some jeans, a bottle of perfume and a denim jacket.

But cruelly nothing for her arse, which had to make do with yesterday’s Y-fronts and a seat on the bus.’

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