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Back In The Red

by | 10th, November 2003

‘THE return of Michael Howard to the fore has trigged some hunger for things past.

Only fools and horses work

Margaret Thatcher has yet to announce her reemergence into the political sphere, but the Independent says that one of her henchmen, Maurice Saatchi, has.

While never a politician, Saatchi, the advertising maven and inventor of that 1979 dole–queue poster “Labour isn’t working”, is said by the Independent to be the new joint chairman of the Conservative Party, sharing the post with Dr Liam Fox.

Any Indy hack worth their salt should also recall how Saatchi and Saatchi, the firm co-owned by Maurice and his brother Charles, once asked the question: “The Independent – It is – Are You?”

It’s the kind of question Ken Livingstone would reply to in the affirmative. However, ask him tomorrow and his answer might have shifted to be in line with Labour party doctrine.

As Saatchi returns to the Tories, the Guardian leads with news that Livingstone is ready once more to embrace the red machine.

And, if the paper is to believed, it’s a decision rooted in fear – Tony Blair is worried that that there could be “disastrous repercussions” if Ken knocks their official candidate out of sight in next June’s London mayoral elections.

But already the party’s official candidate, Ms Nicky Gavron, is carrying on about how unfair it would be to deny her the chance to do as Frank Dobson did a few years back.

Remembering what happened to bumbling Frank, it’s just a wonder that the official Labour candidate, for now at least, is the anonymous Gavron and not one Gordon Brown.

That would get him out of Tony’s hair once and for all…’

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