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Grossed Out

by | 10th, November 2003

‘KEN Livingstone is everywhere this morning. He can do this because, as one of the world’s leading scientific thinkers, he knows how to bend time and be in many places at once.

‘I think, therefore I charge’

Just as he can be independent and a supporter of the Labour party, Ken can be in New York talking about mayoral matters, down the London Underground soliciting the word of the common Tube dweller and in the minds of the doyens of Scientific American magazine.

The magazine, billed by the Telegraph as “America’s best known science journal”, has included Livingstone’s name among the top 50 scientific thinkers of the day.

It seems that Ken’s work with newts and congestion charge schemes has won him many fans Stateside, so causing his name to be mentioned alongside those who have created the first mass-market household robot and a man who formed drugs that block HIV from entering cells.

Ken has every right to be proud, doubly so when he learns in the Times that Americans are brighter than your average scientist.

A map, produced from the data of the IQ test results from 60 countries, clearly shows that Americans have an IQ of 105.

This is not a total, but an average. And it’s one linked to the American’s average gross domestic product of £17,400 a year.

In Europe, to which we Brits belong, the figures show that while we can match the brainpower of those clever Yanks, our GDP is two grand a year less each, producing as we do just £15,600 per capita.

The figures appear to be slightly at odds. But the correlation between IQ and GDP is consistent.

Especially once the figures are tweaked to take into account the congestion charge, which is reducing GDP in London by a factor of three and causing many drivers to lose their minds.’

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