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by | 10th, November 2003

‘THERE was a time when British TV wasn’t dominated by reality shows, quiz shows and home improvement shows. Yes, we know it sounds incredible, but there was.

‘Wake up, Maggie, Rachel, Penny, whatever your name is. Get your things and clear off’

There was a time when programmes like Prime Suspect and Cracker were the norm rather than the exception, but who wants to make decent drama when you can pay a sacked Blue Peter presenter to question a few minor celebrities every night, as FIVE does with its new offering 19 Keys?

Luckily, as those of you who saw last night’s first part will know, over on ITV Helen Mirren is back after a seven-year break as Jane Tennyson in Prime Suspect VI and there is not a buzzer, hidden camera or bit of MDF in sight.

In this concluding part, Tennyson makes a breakthrough on the case when she travels to Bosnia, but – needless to say – all is not well when she returns to England.

Would that there were a few more programmes like this on TV and a few less like Rod’s Girls, described as “an affectionate look at rock star Rod Stewart’s legendary love life”.

If you want to see a procession of good-looking blondes, go and stand in a bus queue in Sweden…’

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