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The Wallace Collection

by | 10th, November 2003

‘IF you notice a particularly large pile of OK! magazines in your newsagent this week, there is a reason for it – as closer inspection of the cover will reveal.

Pound for pound, the best soap actress in Britain

‘Jessie And Dave Reveal All,’ it promises beside a picture of EastEnders actress Jessie Wallace and her copper fiance Dave Morgan.

Yes, your face turns deathly pale as the horrible truth dawns – this week’s edition of OK! features Jessie and Dave in a series of John and Yoko-style naked poses.

Surely not! Inside Soap readers’ choice as TV’s sexiest soap actress (for the fourth year running) with her kit off? Why are the magazines not flying off the top shelf?

The answer, dear reader, is that once again we have been conned by those dastardly folks at OK! as closer inspection of the magazine reveals scarcely an acre of Jessie’s many hectares of flesh on show.

Not of course that we would ever refer to Jessie as having a surface area greater than one of the smaller Gulf States. It is a subject that she is understandably very touchy about.

‘It’s very hurtful when you’re being criticised for the way you look,’ she says. ‘At the end of the day, I’m a real woman – I’m not a model, I’m an actress.

‘The fact you have to look a certain way just isn’t fair – but then I’ve won Sexiest Soap Star four times running so I can’t be that fat.’

Quite right – and our non-swimming friend Michael Barrymore won Most Popular Light Entertainer 15 years in a row.’

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