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by | 12th, November 2003

‘IT’S pretty clear to anyone who has ever visited a hospital that they are pretty dangerous places to be.

Not available on the NHS

If you weren’t ill before you went in, the chances are far too high to ignore that you will be stricken by some foul illness as soon as you step inside.

And now the Times has heard that up to 60% of hospital patients are malnourished.

A body called the Malnutrition Advisory Group says that over half of hospital patients are so poorly fed that they become clinically malnourished.

The remedy is to stop eating their grapes and introduce a ‘protected’ mealtime.

The Government is expected to recommend such a period, when all staff will be on hand to ensure the patients eat.

Since doors will be closed to visitors during this period, we can only imagine the horrors that will ensue.

Call to mind the old adage that you can bring a patient to the spoon but you can’t make them eat. And, given the stench from the hospital kitchens, you can’t make them keep it down either.’

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