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Casual Acquaintance

by | 12th, November 2003

‘BOUNCERS at an Aberdeen pub refused to let a woman come in – because she was carrying a Burberry umbrella.

The brand has become fashionable with football hooligans and many pubs now operate such a policy.

But the unnamed woman said: ‘I looked nothing like a soccer casual. I was wearing the best of clothes. But for some reason they had a real problem with my bag and umbrella. It’s absolutely ridiculous and I think they took things too far. There was no way I would have caused any problems in the pub.’

Maureen Lethorn, manager of The Filling Station bar, has apologised to the woman, saying: “We have had a number of incidents where people wearing Burberry have caused problems.

‘It is not a general ban but we don’t want rowdies so we judge each case as it comes along. Unfortunately this woman arrived shortly after a group of young lads were turned away for wearing Burberry. It was more a case of bad timing.”

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